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Custom Countertop Installation

When you choose FloorQuest for your new countertop installation or countertop replacement, you know that you are getting the absolute highest quality in quartz countertops with a price that cannot be beat. We fabricate our countertops in-house, allowing us to give our customers the best wholesale pricing available. We save money by eliminating the middle-man and we are proud to pass those savings along to our customers - you get your new kitchen countertops for less without sacrificing quality!
FloorQuest is proud to offer stunning Cambria quartz countertops that we fabricate to fit your exact specifications in our own facilities. Cambria is the only family-owned, American-made producer of natural stone surfaces as well as the premier provider of the most expansive palette for engineered quartz countertops and other surfaces.

Why choose quartz countertops

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Cambria Countertops
If you are considering countertop replacement or are installing new bathroom or kitchen countertops, quartz countertops engineered by Cambria and fabricated for your home by FloorQuest will get you the best in price, beauty, and durability. Other popular countertop materials such as granite and marble require regular sealing and polishing because of their porous nature. Quartz is naturally stain-resistant and maintenance-free - all it takes to clean these countertops is warm water and a soft cloth with a mild soap when needed. Also, because quartz is nonporous and nonabsorbent, it will not draw in and trap moisture that harbors harmful bacteria. Quartz is also much harder than either granite or marble, so you know you are getting a durable product that won’t chip, scratch, or fade as time goes by. Cambria’s quartz also allows for a longer countertop overhang than you can get with marble or granite. The demand for quartz has been on the rise for the past several years as more people discover the incredible benefits it offers over alternative countertop options.

Benefits of Countertop Replacement through FloorQuest

In celebrating our 16th anniversary as your trusted flooring, cabinetry, and wholesale countertop destination, FloorQuest expanded our distribution facility to begin fabricating our own quartz countertops on-site. As we have been selling quartz countertops from Cambria for man years, we’ve become familiar enough with the product to confidently bring the fabrication under our roof so our customers can save money on quality countertop replacement.

Fabrication v. Manufacturing

Manufacturing quartz slabs is what Cambria does - fabricating them into countertops is what we are able to do at FloorQuest. Manufacturing is a large scale process that converts raw materials into a finished product - in this case a quartz slab. Fabricating is the process of constructing products from a finished material - in this case fabricating a quartz countertop out of a quartz slab.

State-of-the-art equipment for the best results

Bringing countertop fabrication in-house was a process that took a lot of time and planning and we were sure to invest in the best technologies available today. From the moment you pick out your product, we utilize a laser templator that is capable of measuring far more precisely than a human being with measuring tape. The laser templator then creates an electronic drawing that we upload into a CAD program which is modified to “speak” to the machine which actually does the fabrication of the countertop. By reducing the number of people needed to “touch” each countertop we fabricate, we are decreasing the likelihood of mistakes and cutting costs in order to provide a better, more affordable service and product. Check out the video below for a closer look at our fabrication process.

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